Embedded Engineer with Robotics

Job Description

Title: Embedded Engineer with Robotics
Job Location: Hyderabad 
Job Description:
Must have :
Minimum 2 year experience in embedded system and preferably in device drivers
Hands-on experience with Embedded Systems and Microcontroller programming
Worked with STM32 , ESP32 microcontrollers.
C/C++ Programming for microcontroller units
Python programming
Expertise to read and implement BSP using schematics
Hands-on in various types of motor controller applications.
Good to Have :
Understanding of native compilers and cross-compiler tools.
Understanding of Linux kernel working and file system
Hands-on in Yocto or Bootlin for custom machine and distribution development
Good understanding of Device tree layout and working of DTS
Understanding of simulation based tolerance setting for DDR, Ethernet, USB etc.
Working on higher order Device drivers like LTDC, DSI
Good understanding of Hardware design and development cycle
Software Development Cycle and PLC